03 Aug 2013, 18:54

Yves Garret (1 post)


I’m on page 198. When I try the following (with the copied code), this is the error that I get:

% cat dbdump_artistalbumtrack.xml | ruby import_from_jamendo.rb import_from_jamendo.rb:72:in on_end_element': undefined method force_encoding’ for “378466”:String (NoMethodError) from import_from_jamendo.rb:86:in `parse’ from import_from_jamendo.rb:86

The code is copied from the book. When it comes to parsing the jamendo data, I got the tarball from here (as the book described): http://developer.jamendo.com/en/wiki/NewDatabaseDumps

Not sure what the problem is… anyone see the issue at hand?

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