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01 Aug 2014, 09:52
Roger Bieri (1 post)

First off, this is a pretty good book! It gives a great introduction to the most important NoSql-Database types, yet starting with something familiar, good old PostgreSql. This ensures no one gets lost.

I think you guys have chosen a good balance of chapter length and detail coverage. However I would like to come up with two little recommendations:

Especially, I’d like to see a “data model design” section in each chapter. For example, there are different approaches to organize your data in Hbase (“wide/tall” etc.) - maybe you could present some guide lines or even best practices.

Although you explained why you actually choose seven databases, I am asking to reconsider this. To me, Cassandra really deserves a chapter. Looks like there are already “wars” on the internet, comparing Hbase and Cassandra. Eight weeks (or two months) is a nice number/period also and we have a similar situation with Mongo and Couch.

To avoid problems of missing data, try to host them on your own servers – if applicable. This way, readers are guaranteed to find everything needed to run the examples.

Finally one little thing: You may have noticed while reading this, English is not my first language. I am from Switzerland and I purchased the German version of the book. Go blame the guy who did the translation. It’s full of errors and typos. Perhaps he was under time pressure. Next time, I consider the original version.

I’m gonna take a closer look at Hbase, Riak and MongoDB – that’s for sure ;-)

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