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21 Feb 2015, 18:14
Phil Varner (1 post)

I tried getting through the Riak chapter a few months ago, and quit after having problems just getting it installed. I tried it again today, and finally got it installed. I’ve documented what I had to get it working here: Using Riak 2.x on Mac OS X with 7DBin7Weeks.

There are several key things, including building both Basho’s Erlang fork and Riak from source and knowing what the new commands and default HTTP port are in Riak 2.x.

18 Jun 2015, 23:33
Eric Redmond (21 posts)

Yes, Riak has changed very much from the version I wrote about in the book. I should know, I worked at Basho for three years on Riak 2.0 ;)

10 Nov 2015, 07:31
Sakis K (6 posts)

In that case, are there any plans to update the Riak chapter?

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