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16 Feb 2013, 11:13
Adrian Sutherland (2 posts)

I just wanted to say that just as ANTLR 4 is a step change from ANTLR 3, this book is a compete rewrite of the original book. This reads as a much more coherent scheme of work to learn to use ANTLR - the original was a bit rough and ready in places. So I recommend this book to anyone who plans to use ANTLR.

Question: Does Languages Patterns need updating now? For example I would be interested in understanding if “Parse Trees” are equivalent to ASTs - practically I guess yes, but formally?



24 Feb 2013, 22:39
Terence Parr (53 posts)

Hi Adrian. Any chance I could get you to post something at Amazon like that? ;)

Yes, Lang Impl Patterns would need an update as it talks about ASTs not parse trees, which are different. Also, uses a tree grammar not visitors and listeners. One way for me to solve this problem is to reimplement all of those examples from that book using v4.


01 Mar 2013, 21:12
Adrian Sutherland (2 posts)

Done ( - I have some suggestions for ANTLR 4 itself … but will post on the ANTLR web site (so I am hoping for preferential answers - LOL)

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