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08 Dec 2012, 05:06
vikram kadian (1 post)

I had installed ketai library and its working well with all available examples. I m making a small robot on which my android mobile with arduino mega controlling motors. I had made an computer application to send data on wifi but on android side i m not sure how to forward data from my android to arduino mega board via USB port. please help if itis available in ketai lib . Thanks

13 Dec 2012, 10:21
Olaf Heddergott (11 posts)

Hello, I don’t know if a mega usb is available on android side. I think serial communication from android side with processing isn’t available at this time.

You can use a arduino shield with bluetooth, with the ketai samples.

Or use a wireless lan - serial device like an wizfi210, connect it to a serial port on arduino side and use java default socket communication to speek from android-processing to your arduino.

19 Mar 2013, 19:52
Daniel Sauter (54 posts)

See thread: