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14 Apr 2013, 10:29
Grateful Frog (2 posts)

I have found that the code in the Data section of the book fails to comiple… For example, DataReadGroceries:

  groceries = new Table(this, "groceries.txt");  //(1)

cannot find symbol
symbol  : constructor Table(processing.test.datareadgroceries.DataReadGroceries,java.lang.String)
 location: class
   groceries = new Table(this, "groceries.txt");  //(1)

I am running Processing 2.0b8 on linux with the latest sdk.

16 Apr 2013, 15:01
Daniel Sauter (54 posts)

Dear Greatful Frog, thanks for posting this issue. The constructor for the Table class changed in Processing Beta 8, and should be now: groceries = loadTable(“groceries.tsv”); The file extension tells the Table class what kind of data format to parse, so we need .tsv here now. The code for those examples will be updated shortly. Best, Daniel