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22 Apr 2013, 09:40
Basi Tante (2 posts)

Hello Everyone

I would like to change menu style. For instance add background colors in array cells or background images, size, align and color text in menu.

is this possible?

Thank you Basi Tante

23 Apr 2013, 04:31
Daniel Sauter (54 posts)

Hi Basi,

you’ll need to look into this Android class: Ketai makes this class available to allow a quick way to choose from multiple networks, BT devices, sensors etc. For native UI design, you need to look into the dedicated Android classes, or use the non-native ControlP5 library that works very well for custom-designed UI. Best, Daniel

23 Apr 2013, 11:06
Basi Tante (2 posts)

Hi Daniel

I liked KetaiList class because you can use scroll menu so easy. But I need customize it. I´m not android developer so I´ll try to work with controlP5.

Thanks a lot.

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