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23 May 2013, 00:06
Mark Billinghurst (1 post)

Hi Everyone,

This is a great book, but I’m struggling with getting an Android phone to network with my Mac.

I’ve tried the OSC examples in Chapter 6 but I can’t get them working. They build fine and start on my phone and Mac, but there is no data connection created.

Has anyone been able to get these examples to run correctly?

The IP adress is set to my Mac and as far as I can tell the phone is set up correctly and INTERNET set in the sketch permissions. Is there anything else I should be checking?

Are there other online examples of Android to PC networking with Processing that I can check?

Thanks Mark

10 Jun 2013, 20:50
Daniel Sauter (54 posts)

Hi Mark, you most likely have another sketch running using OSC (probably port 12000), conflicting with the sketch WiFi example. Close the other app, and you’ll be fine. Best, Daniel