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08 Aug 2013, 02:31
Harold Jarvie (2 posts)

Hiya Whats the status of keyboard entry, neither the code from the website or the examples from the zip are working for me. KeyPressed doesn’t see keys a-z but sees space and some shifted chars… and KeyEvent in the examples appears to fail the compile because a literal has changed? or should it be android.view.KeyEvent. Using 2.0.1 and V9.

It appears that the SQLite implementation will allow me to read my phones call logs but not trim them and write the changes back? Have I got that right?

cheers H

08 Aug 2013, 23:52
Harold Jarvie (2 posts)

Ok…. The “samsung keyboard” on my galaxy note n7000 is the main problem. Change the soft keyboard and away you go. KEYPRESSED seems now to be KEYPRESS for the examples.


28 Jun 2015, 18:26
José Fernando Picó Antolí (1 post)


Ihave problems with ketaiKeyboard (Used in Android) when I used it and I capture the key with the event keypressed It is Right using lower case but when I use Upper case for example:

“A” the key that capture is “ a little square + A”

for other hand when I push “Backspace” it is not recognitzed as Backspace.

For lower case, ENTER, change Upper Case and other it works Right.

How I could solve it ?