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13 Aug 2013, 18:24
Joe Miller (4 posts)

Windows 7 64 Bit Processor Install HOWTO PocoJoe KI7WV 8/13/2013

1.0 Assemble the following tools in a directory \ProcessingDownloads; these are zipped files 1.1 adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130729 (the trailing digits are the download date) 1.2 jdk-7u25-windows-x64 (this is listed on oracle as JAVA FX SDK) 1.3 processing-2.0.1-windows-x64 1.4 setup- (this is the phone-specific usb driver for ADB, the Android Debugging Bridge, not the usb driver that allows you to access pictures and files on your phone. It is a specific development driver. If you are using a google product such as a Nexus tablet, this driver is supplied in the adt-bundle).

2.0 Uninstall prior installs of Java and Android. 3.0 Install Java into \Program Files\Java. Do the full install. c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_25... and c:\Program files\Java\jre7... are created. 4.0 Install Android Development Kit 4.1 adt bundle is a zip file. Uninstall it to \Program Files\Android c:\Program Files\Android\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130729... is created. 5.0 Install Processing into \Program Files\Processing c:\Program Files\Processing\Processing-2.0.1... is created. 6.0 Set the path variable so that java can be found. Refer to panel -> system -> advance system settings -> environment variables -> system variables Path EDIT at the tail end of that long string, add c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\bin;c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\lib

7.0 change directory to c:\Program Files\Android\adt-bundle…\ and start up SDK Manager. If it starts up you have path set correctly. Install the USB Driver and other items as shown in the book. You need to have Android 2.3.3 installed (API 10). This part of existing docs is pretty clear. 7.1 Confirm that Eclipse will start. It is found in c:\Program Files\Android…\Eclipse as an application.

8.0 Confirm that Processing will start. DO NOT change the default sketchbook directory; it is hard coded in places and does not change without coercion. 8.1 Enter the ellipse finger demo as shown in Sauter2013 pg 11 8.2 Save the sketchbook into default location 8.3 Verify that it runs in java mode 8.4 Create a shortcut on your desktop; point it to \users...\documents\processing 8.5 Verify that when you use shortcut, you find the sketchbook that you just created. Double click on it; enter into the folder and doubleclik on the sketchbook with the processing icon. Processing should restart. 8.6 Create another shortcut for Eclipse; start it up; when prompted for location of workspace, point it to \users...\documents\processing. 8.7 verify eclipse will start.

9.0 Install Android Mode into Processing. Go to the pull down to the right where

it says Java; select add mode; a list appears; add Android 9.1 Restart Processing; reload worksheet, select Android Mode a window will appear saying that the path to the android SDK is not set; navigate to c:\Program Files…\SDK and enter it. 9.3 in Android pull down, go into AVD (android virtual device). You should find Processing-0217.avd folder and configuration file. If not, something is wrong. This file is supposed to be found in \\avd\ 9.2 verify that in android mode, the emulator will start and you can run the ellipse demo sketch

10.0 Install USB driver so you can run Processing Sketchbook on an actual device. This describes my experience with the Nexus-7 2013 version (high density display). 10.1 Plug the Nexus-7 into the USB port.
10.2 ON THE NEXUS, select “Connect as Camera”. It defaults to media device but the USB debugging connection won’t work in this mode. A red check says that something failed to load. 10.3 In Control Panel->System->Device Manager, you will see Other devices->Nexus 7 with an yellow triangle exclamation point. double click on it and you will see a driver has not loaded. 10.4 go to \Program Files\Android...\sdk\extras\google\usb-driver and install driver 10.5 on your nexus, go to settings->about tablet->build number and tap 7 times. Check debug mode when USB connected. It appears that when I move the android from computer to computer the RSA key changes.

Congratulations, I hope. Good Luck, for sure.

20 Aug 2013, 07:24
Aiden Wyatt (1 post)

Thanks for sharing…