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20 Aug 2013, 07:57
Joe Miller (4 posts)

Not sure who else is having the problem or if it just occurred with the release of Processing 2.0.2, but KetaiLocation does not appear to be generating Location Events. A single reading of the GPS is made but no subsequent updates occur. Anybody else seeing this?

Thanks Joe

20 Aug 2013, 08:02
Joe Miller (4 posts)

Doesn’t work as in the demos no longer update.

03 Sep 2013, 02:22
Joe Miller (4 posts)

Ok, so some of my woes may be due to the fact that I am using a Nexus-7 (the new kind, version 2) and the GPS is reported to be well, “wonky”. Google Nexus-7 and GPS and there are a lot of links that started showing up around mid August.

Here is what I have for code that does not run:

void onLocationEvent(Location _location) { String les; // location event string

MYLATITUDE = (float)_location.getLatitude(); //(7) MYLONGITUDE = (float)_location.getLongitude(); les = _location.toString(); println(“KC Says”+les); println(“KC Says”+MYLATITUDE); println(“KC Says”+MYLONGITUDE); if(match(les, “gps”) != null) { MYGPSLOCK = true; } else { MYGPSLOCK = false; }

here is what shows up in the system window:

debug: KetaiLocationManager instantiated:android.location.LocationManager@42562d98 KetaiLocationManager: start()… KetaiLocationManager All Provider(s) list: passive gps network Requesting location updates from: gps KetaiLocationManager Enabled Provider(s) list: passive - lastLocation for provider:Location[fused 32.246600,-110.940371 acc=12 et=+13h20m1s712ms alt=721.9000244140625 vel=0.0044171466 {Bundle[mParcelledData.dataSize=776]}] LocationChanged:Location[fused 32.246600,-110.940371 acc=12 et=+13h20m1s712ms alt=721.9000244140625 vel=0.0044171466 {Bundle[mParcelledData.dataSize=776]}] Found onOrientationEventMethod… KetaiSensor: start()… Found onOrientationEventMethod… LocationChanged:Location[gps 32.246600,-110.940371 acc=7 et=+13h20m4s152ms alt=721.9000244140625 vel=0.0 {Bundle[mParcelledData.dataSize=44]}]

It seems pretty clear that stuff is happening behind the curtain that is not coming to the attention of Ketai, as the onLocationEvent is not being called.