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13 Oct 2013, 11:24
stephen scutt (1 post)

hi. My name is Steve. I love the book.thank you. I am working on a project for my music tech final project at university. I want to build an arduino synth that can be controlled by an android tablet. I am using processing for android and an arduino mega2560 board with an HC05 BT module. I have looked at the Bluetooth code in the book and can connect. I have tried the code that turns on an led for a second and then turns off.. all works fine on my tablet. My programming skills are not advanced and I get what is going on in the sketches but I would like to know how I would send slider/knob data using the GUI controls in controlp5 library. Could someone help me with understanding how the data that is broadcast by Bluetooth can be read as into or float data on the arduino board. I know BT.broadcast will send information in bytes and have managed to get a slider sending data to arduino but arduino only sends back one number (255) … If anyone could tell me how to get arduino to parse the slider data to values between say 0 and 127 I would be v.v.v grateful. Thanks and again, enjoying the book very much. Steve.

25 Oct 2013, 16:37
Daniel Sauter (54 posts)

Dear Steve, try to separate the controlP5 issue from the BT broadcast. If you link your desired value range to a mouse position, for instance, you can see if we are talking about a BT issue. ControlP5 on Android is a different thread, but works fine after it has been updated to work in the Android mode earlier this year. Best, Daniel

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