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14 Aug 2016, 14:16
Bukasa Tshilombo (2 posts)


Has anyone found a way to use OCR with Android Processing? I would like to extract text content from images (from camera or from Gallery) for further processing Text-To-Speech, translation, etc.

I tried using some of the OCR libraries discussed on various Android forums, but I found the process complicated. It would be interesting to see if anyone is working or has produced a solution for Android Processing.

I would settle for a WebAPI solution, but I have not found any free ones.

Any chance the Ketai team is working on this?

btw: Fully enjoying using Ketai right now. It’s a great library.



01 Feb 2014, 23:33
Daniel Sauter (54 posts)

Thanks Bukasa,

we are not working on OCR. However, we are directing our attention (and limited time resources) towards OpenCV for Android. One step in this direction.

Best, Daniel

03 Feb 2014, 06:00
Bukasa Tshilombo (2 posts)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for following up. Looking forward to the next version of the Ketai library.


25 Nov 2015, 14:57
mike lilin (1 post)

maybe you can try tesseract OCR engine, there is android wrapper for tesseract, you can compatible it to your android program. and there is a free online ocr using tesseract OCR 3.02, before your code, you can go to have a try.