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17 Dec 2013, 17:57
Daniel Konhauser (1 post)

I am new to Processing and Android but am enjoying the learning curve!

When I write sketches using the Ketai camera Class to create a “live” camera filter (for example “threshold”), the image is “glitchy” (can’t update even with fewer fps).

I have turned on “Force GPU rendering” on the Nexus 7 tablet, yet it looks like the CPU is doing all the work when profiling the GPU rendering on the tablet

Is it possible to offload some of the work on to the GPU using the KetaiCamera libray class?


27 Mar 2014, 17:24
David Cantillon (3 posts)

try playing with the Processing examples and create a separate processing class. Look at Object in the menu of android examples and study how it is structured. That may help to relieve what’s making your pics glitchy.

Just a suggestion.