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05 Jan 2014, 19:00
andrea de luca (1 post)


In my very first attempt to do some experimentation with KetaiCamera library, I simply compiled (without errors/warnings) the first example in the book (, and installed the app on my Galaxy tab 2 10.1.

Result: the app simply doesn’t work, displaying a blank screen. Since the code is so simple, I really cannot imagine what might be wrong.. Can you help me? Thanks.

07 Jan 2014, 19:23
Paul Cerra (1 post)

I have a similar problem on two devices. One happens to be a Galaxy tab 2 10.1, same as Andrea (OP).

When I launch the app on the Galaxy Tab, I get the blank screen, too, but that’s expected because cam.start() has not yet been called. However when I tap to start the camera, the program fails - console output is as follows:

Failed to open camera for camera ID: 0:Fail to connect to camera service

When I try to launch this app on my Nexus 4, I get the blank screen, but when I tap I cause an exception that is trapped and the app force closes on the device. I don’t have the debug output handy, but it’s obvious that calling cam.start() triggers a null pointer exception. I even tried adding “cam.setCameraID(0);” in case this was necessary, but it changed nothing.

Any help welcomed!

19 Jul 2015, 13:13
Asterion (5 posts)

Yep. I had the same problem. It is just a sketch permissions thing. Just go to “Appendix 1. Miscellaneous Notes • 340” and it will tell you what to do.