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03 Jul 2012, 21:42
Jordan Bondo (2 posts)

I am getting an error when trying to run the on my iPad saying:

“The executable was signed with invalid entitlements. The entitlements you specified in your application’s code signing entitlements file do not match those specified in your provisioning profile.”

I’ve been updating my own version of the project as I go, but I get the same error when I use the provided sample code. Any idea what’s going on here? Did I miss something somewhere?


25 Nov 2012, 05:05
Jim West (2 posts)


Methinks the App ID associated with your Provisioning Profile is not configured for iCloud use.

You’ll need to log into the Dev Portal and go to the Provisioning Portal. Then select “App IDs” and from there select configure on your App ID you are using and enable iCloud.

Mind the info dialog that appears with enabling. You’ll need to re-generate your profiles and then re-load them into Organizer/Keychain.

Next make sure that you are then using the that Provisioning Profile in your Code Signing section of your target (from Xcode).

Hope that helps.


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