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26 Sep 2012, 22:49
Nick Malcolm (3 posts)

It seems that iOS 6 and or xcode have been updated in a way which makes following Chapter 7.3 really hard.

In particular, the extra keys we are asked to add. It seems xcode now uses more understandable names for the types. So on page 160 UTTypeTagSpecification is now “Equivalent Types”. LSHandlerRank is now “Handler Rank”.

If you open StoryboardRecipes-Info.plist (or DocumentRecipes) and do it all in there, you can toggle between naming conventions by right clicking -> “Show Raw Key/ Values”.

Also there seems to be a bug in xcode (Version 4.5 (4G182)) where clicking “Click here to add additional document type properties” adds a whole bunch of properties we don’t want. (Bundle identifier, Executable File, etc etc). Which is why I just did it all through StoryboardRecipes-Info.plist.

Not sure if this is something you’ll need to revise and/or clarify in later versions.

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