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27 Sep 2012, 13:44
Chris Adamson (344 posts)

Hope you’re all enjoying beta 7 of the book, along with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 of course!

We (authors, editors, and the Prags) all want to get this book to print quickly, which we can do because a lot of the production work was done over the Summer, right before our iOS 6 silent mode.

Right now, we’re fixing up the errata that have been reported on beta 7, and will continue doing so for a few more days. But we’re looking at a deadline early next week, after which what we’ve got is going off to the printer.

So, if you have noticed an error — particularly with the new iOS 6 / iPhone 5 stuff, or places where we should be using a new feature like taking out synthesize statements or using array or dictionary literals — please create an entry on the errata page by the end of the weekend (Sept 30).

Thanks to everyone who’s read the beta, posted to the forums, and/or filed errata. You’ve helped make the book a lot better.