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Bjørn tennøe_pragsmall
12 Oct 2012, 12:44
Bjørn Tennøe (2 posts)

Some caveats in chapter 6.1 (Storyboards and Container Controllers):

Two paragraphs after Figure 50, it is stated “Now we can run our application and navigate as we did before”. However, I ran into problems and couldn’t build. Most notable, it is not explained that the headers below should be imported into PRPAppDelegate.m:

  • import “PRPRecipesListViewController.h”

  • import “PRPRecipesSource.h”

Also, we can’t navigate in the app “as we did before”; how could we when the detail NIB isn’t constructed yet? This confused me.

At the very end of section 6.1, the books reads: “And as promised, we were able to delete our navigation code in the process”. I don’t think the reader is explicitly instructed to delete it.

A smaller detail; three paragraphs after Figure 49 it is stated: “…and connect the view controller’s view outlet to the table view”. When i right-click the “Recipes List View Controller”, the “view” under “Outlets” is already connected to the “Table view”. Seems like Xcode does this by default?