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27 Oct 2012, 06:57
Etan Lightstone (1 post)

Well done! I pretty much got exactly what I had hoped out of this book.

A guide (for existing programmers) to Objective-C, the basics of the IOS framework, and working with the toolset (Xcode, debugger, test suite) the “apple way”. And all through great real world examples and following a real development process of learning and iteration. Sure beats just reading a reference book :)

I’ll probably start tinkering on my own now, but curious if you guys would recommend a “next steps” book. Thoughts?

A few things come to mind

  • How to do more advanced UI customizations?
  • Patterns of using network queries combined with local caching and use of SQL Lite ?
  • I find UIDocument kind of clumsy to use, any recommended 3rd party frameworks that have made this easier? What about something like Ruby On Rails ActiveRecord?

I of course can google these things, but I’m still curious about recommended books that package this kind of info.