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30 Dec 2012, 16:50
David Crane (2 posts)

What do people think about using AppCode along with xCode for developing iOS apps?

Is a long time Inellij user I find that I like using AppCode where possible when working on iOS apps. Even tough it’s kind of a pain to use two IDE’s I find it’s worth the trouble.

10 Jan 2013, 16:06
Christopher Legan (1 post)

I like AppCode as a companion editor, as I’m also already familiar with the JetBrains refactoring powerhouses: Resharper and IntelliJ. AppCode will likely always be a companion IDE to XCode, as it is not a plug-in like Resharper, and cannot possibly keep up with XCode’s full feature set (I’d imagine).

That said, I mainly use XCode, only sometimes switching over to AppCode. I’m looking forward to the AppCode 2.0 release (sometime in 2013), as v1.6.x is good - but still remains somewhat lacking relative to the more mature REsharper and IntelliJ.

18 Jan 2013, 02:52
David Crane (2 posts)

I’ve been using the App Code EAP version. So far I haven’t noticed any issues.

The EAP feature I like the most is the ability to run tests on a device.