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01 Dec 2011, 14:13
Rob Levin (3 posts)

I went to Amazon (my Seven Languages in Seven Weeks is up there) .. but this little gem hasn’t made it there yet .. I’m very happy with this and need to know where to give my 5 stars rating!

I’ve been reading the pdf and tweaking my wordpress installation as I read. It’s a sort of semi non-technical book for the technical .. but I so appreciate the fact that the author has “been there done that” and can give great advise (very current too!). I would say if you’re already an intermediate blogger with promotional skills this book won’t make sense. However, I have skinned WP and managed a corporate WP installation, etc. But I simply haven’t had the time to keep up with all the essential plugins, promotion best practices etc. This book has saved me about a week’s worth of scouring blogs/articles to figure out how to get my tech blog rolling. Great work!

03 Dec 2011, 16:24
Antonio Cangiano (31 posts)

Thank you so much, Rob. I’m humbled by your nice words. The book will appear on Amazon within the next quarter. If you wish, I can notify you when it’s available.

08 Dec 2011, 14:45
Rob Levin (3 posts)

Sure.. I’m further in now just past promotion. So far very nice still. Feel free to use my kudos in any promotional blurbs, etc. Thanks again!

12 Dec 2011, 00:34
Rob Levin (3 posts)

Ok, up to page 186 .. I keep wondering if you’re going to bring up how much time I realistically need to put in to each and every blog management task weekly/monthly (sort of in the grid/table form you’ve done so well for things like posts per week by popular blog site, etc.)

You’ve sort of mentioned in the section about producing content but I’m hoping for an overall assessment also including GA analysis, how much time I should ‘Infiltrate other communities’, etc. One area I’m struggling with is how to include this into my already busy coding at work + family obligations which of course have to come first. I found myself posting a mediocre (but I suppose decent) post on filing bug tickets effectively – just to sort of keep my weekly content production going. It seems I have this extremely odd inner dialog going on with myself with lots of guilt and shame on “bad weeks” where work demands get crazy.

Again, so far so good on the book’s reward to cost ration .. you’re saving me hours and hours of searching and digging and providing useful expert opinion I don’t have immediate access to. Hope the book gets enough support to be worth your while in the long run!

EDIT - just read chapter 9 on building community. I have to say that once I reached the “What’s next” conclusion I was left wanting. Also, although I realize it’s important, I thought the info on dealing with criticism was a bit heavy (wow, I sound like one of your critics huh! don’t mean too)

I think you need a bit more meat in this chapter specifically on the community building topic itself; and I personally think it’s a very important chapter for someone who’s new to building a community. I was hoping you’d cover some things like: - viral, crowdsourcing, etc. .. what they are, how to leverage, steps to take, etc. - supplementary (e.g. podcasting, screencasting; ways to integrate and improve hits on your blog directly and indirectly with these) .. I would certainly benefit

sorry for rushed typing but, ahem, I’m rushed and just wanted to get you this feedback

enthusiastically and eagerly awaiting your next rev .. keep up the good work

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