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27 May 2012, 01:26
Gabriela Jack (4 posts)

Hi Antonio,

I just found your book and I wish I had a few years ago, when I started my first blog, because I did everything wrong. Back then I had picked up some software for mechanical design that I was interested in learning and someone that worked for the developer company convinced me that it would be a good idea to blog about my experience as a new user. As the blog became popular in their community of users, I acquired my own domain to go with it (basically my name followed by dot com).

A couple of years later I decided this was not what I wanted to do anymore because the blog served as marketing for the developers of the software but wasn’t benefitting me at all. On the contrary, people began pigeonholing me as “just a blogger” with no real value. I was also not interested in pursuing that field at all, and so I stopped blogging, but the blog, and the domain, remain there ever since.

Since then I went back to school to pursue a career as a programmer, instead. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now, and I would like to start blogging again, this time to help develop my own career.

My question is, should I try to reuse my old domain, which is my own name, or just toss it and start from scratch? If it’s a good idea to reuse, how to go about that? Also, since I’m basically a career changer, how can I handle the obvious “hey, you used to blog about this and now you blog about this other thing”? Will having been a blogger about a completely different area ruin my chances of succeeding at this new blog?

Thanks for the advice!

31 May 2012, 19:10
Antonio Cangiano (31 posts)

Hi Gabriela,

if you are trying to advance your own career, I would suggest reusing your old domain name (I assume it’s

It’s relatively short and easy to remember. It’s based on your own name so I would never toss it out. Furthermore, it’s an older domain with some authority already, so you’ll have an easier time doing well SEO-wise.

Most people won’t even notice or bug you about the change of topic. Should someone ever ask about it, just let them know that you have since changed careers. There is nothing wrong in doing that.

I truly don’t think that your past success in a different field will negatively affect your current blogging efforts.

Best of luck, Antonio

01 Feb 2013, 02:36
carlo anderson (1 post)

It supposedly yes, but in terms of SERP and SEos, the domain must be unique and fresh with no records at all.

Regards, Carlo, an facilitator.

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