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07 Oct 2011, 16:48
Sol (1 post)

Hi Antonio, Would you mind to let me know what you think about my blog ? Thank You.

08 Oct 2011, 18:30
Antonio Cangiano (31 posts)

Hi Sol,

Here are my thoughts:

  • Who are you? You need an About page that tell us a little about you. Perhaps include a picture too to make it more personable.
  • How do I get in touch with you? Either add a Contact page or add those details in the About page.
  • How do I subscribe to your site? I don’t see a large RSS feed icon, and I don’t see an email signup form (e.g., FeedBurner signup).
  • Where can I get a list of all your articles so far? It would be nice to have a Table of Contents or All Posts page.
  • What kind of posts can I expect and why should I subscribe to your blog? It would be nice to have a small blurb somewhere that explains what your blog is all about to new readers.
  • Is the image in the header related to where you are from? If not, I would opt for something a little more techie or symbolic of what you are trying to convey with your blog.
  • How do I share your articles? You may want to add a +1, Like, and Tweet button/counter within each article.
  • Have you considered a different WordPress template? Your are using the default template. This gives a generic look to your blog.
  • Articles like this: are very interesting. Really well done.

Overall, I think you are off to a very good start. You may just want to polish things and give the blog more focus/purpose in the eye of the reader.

Cheers, Antonio

27 Dec 2011, 12:03
Rajaseelan (1 post)

Hi Sol,

Pretty nice stuff you got there. To quote Antonio from the beta version:-

bq. You have something worthwhile to say

You definitely do.

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