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10 Nov 2011, 22:30
Nicholas Parsons (8 posts)

I was just reading this book and came across the “Bystander Effect” at the end of Chapter 4. This is interesting and I’ve come across the same concept before except it was called “Group Paradox”. It makes a lot of sense especially when the group of people are strangers to each other and the victim.

Anyway it is a good book so far, looking forward to reading more.


30 Nov 2011, 03:37
Ka Wai Cheung (3 posts)

Hi Nicholas-

Thanks for your input!

This was one of the essays I really enjoyed writing because it’s something I continually have to remind myself of in the workplace - whenever I’m using “we” or deferring to a group, it’s usually because I’m not completely sure the best route to take (i.e. a coding approach, a business decision, etc.). The hard part is to simply pick a leader - pick someone who is responsible for completing a task. That’s how work gets done. Many of these social phenomenas are so relevant in our industry.

I hope you’re enjoying the rest of the book! More feedback is always welcome.

-Ka Wai

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