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14 Nov 2007, 15:30
Skyblaze (16 posts)

As the topic we need an update to this book that covers rails 2

15 Nov 2007, 01:41
Jamie Thingelstad (2 posts)


I would eagerly purchase the beta of a Rails 2.0 book ASAP.

17 Nov 2007, 11:51
Skyblaze (16 posts)

if we wanted to know what has changed between a pdf release and another (for example what has changed between the last p5 and the previous p4 version) where should we see?

29 Nov 2007, 19:24
Skyblaze (16 posts)

in the official rails blog everyone says that he/she wants a new edition of AWDWR that covers rails 2. I think Mr. thomas should consider heavily a new edition ;)

01 Dec 2007, 21:28
Joshua R. Poulson (8 posts)

Skyblaze, the errata pages indicates which errors were found in which editions and PDF versions, that’s the closest to seeing what changes from release to release.

07 Dec 2007, 21:28
Rob Cameron (2 posts)

Yes please! I’d love to know what’s new and how to use it without going through the Rails source code or random blog posts all over the internet. Both Daves have plenty of free time, right? :)

07 Dec 2007, 22:07
Ryan Sandridge (2 posts)

Last I heard (I think it was a comment from DHH on the RoR official blog), there are no plans to release a 3rd Edition just to cover Rails 2.0. I do see that Pragmatic Programmers have Friday’s, which are smaller PDF’s. They also have a nice infrastructure to publish through them. So it looks like there is an opportunity for somebody to write up a Friday and make some extra money. Hmmmm… if only I had the time.

Failing that, check out There is a $9 PDF covering all that is new in Rails 2.0. You may be disappointed though, as it doesn’t elaborate much more than the official rails blog.

08 Dec 2007, 10:05
Skyblaze (16 posts)

ok but everyone wants it so i think it is “stupid” for a publisher not to publish it :)

12 Dec 2007, 22:16
Robert MacGregor (1 post)

An update covering:

1) A list of deprecated features and their replacements/alternatives

2) Remove references to dynamic scaffolds

Would be useful.

23 Dec 2007, 02:08
Steve Pinkham (1 post)

If voting matters, +1 ;-)

23 Dec 2007, 16:20
Steve Jones (14 posts)

With the brain-trust we have here shouldn’t there be enough information to forge through still using Rails 2.0.2 or later versions? It is painful but I am learning a lot about rails. Right now I’m figuring out how action_controller.session_store changed it’s session key handling in environment.rb and application.rb. I’ll let you know.

15 Apr 2008, 03:41
Corey Tess (1 post)

I am new to RoR and love the book, I just wish it was updated to 2.0. Any updates on if this is planned even?

23 Apr 2008, 19:47
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

It now is official: “there will be a third edition”:

21 May 2008, 22:14
David Kiely (2 posts)

I have the 3rd edition but there are still differences between the code and what the book says it should do. But I guess thats what Beta is about.

22 May 2008, 02:13
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

At the bottom of every page of every chapter that is thought to be ready there is a link to report errata. If you see differences, please do take a moment and note them and I will do my best to address these issues.

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