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16 Nov 2007, 02:52
Gerardo Zayas (2 posts)

Hey guys! I’m pretty new to web development (well development in general), and I’m pretty stuck on chapter 10, after testing the checkout for the 1st time I’m getting an error stating that :name is an undefined method. Same for :address, :email, and :pay_type… Now, I have re-checked the code and everything seems right.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or those anyone have a solution?



16 Nov 2007, 20:12
Randall Desmond (5 posts)

Not sure if it’s the same cause, but I had a similar error…

quantity was showing up (when I was saving an order) as an undefined method of the line_item.rb model…

…then I checked what I had added to the 006_create_line_items.rb file, and I had the attribute called quantity_id (my copy-n-paste-n-edit mistake.) I slid quantity_id into my line_item.rb file, and it worked.


17 Nov 2007, 01:07
Gerardo Zayas (2 posts)

I’ve even tried running the code that I downloaded from the website and I get the same message:

NoMethodError in Store#checkout

Showing app/views/store/checkout.rhtml where line #16 raised:

undefined method `name’ for #

30 Nov 2007, 03:30
Elia Freedman (1 post)

Don’t know if you got this working but it sounds like your database is messed up. You might want to review the orders database and make sure you have the correct columns.

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