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30 Dec 2008, 19:14
John Kopanas (1 post)

Just wondering if this book with be for Rails 2.2 or for Rails 3.0 considering the new information we recently learned? :-)

02 Jan 2009, 22:26
Karmen Blake (4 posts)

I’d like the book to cover 2.3 for the near future. Then release another revision that covers 3.0 when it comes out.

03 Jan 2009, 02:33
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

At the present time, I am targeting 2.2.2. Depending on when 2.3 comes out, I’ll try to make sure that the everything continues to work with that release, but I don’t plan on trying to document any new function.

The way I figure it, the “book that’s on the shelves”: covers 1.2 and is desperately in need of a refresh. I was originally targeting Rails 2.1 for this edition, but was “talked into”: waiting for 2.2. What I have learned is that with Rails there always will be an exciting release “just around the corner”.

And, yes, I expect that there will be demand for an edition 4 of this book which will cover Rails 3.0.

05 Jan 2009, 00:37
Hugo Martinez (7 posts)

@Sam Ruby: You wrote in your blog that you are considering a subscription model for the next editions with the editor. Do you have some update about this matter?

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