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19 Jan 2009, 15:38
Aron Grinshtein (3 posts)

I have scoured the web and came across one really good install by Dan Benjamin – (, I installed everything but than I realized that I didnt do the first step properly. I cant figure out how to do the first step. I would like to erase my install and start all over.

I am using a Mac OS X 10.5.6, I am using TextWrangler as my text editor and the Mac Terminal.

Can anyone help me out please?


24 Jan 2009, 06:50
snoreta (1 post)

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03 Feb 2009, 02:33
Terjin TJ Dhillon (13 posts)

Aron, if you meant to say that you have not set up your paths correctly, then there is no need to scrap everything and start over again. Just set up your paths again and go through the process again.

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