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03 Jan 2008, 17:32
ron campbell (22 posts)

Hello, I’m not quite a newbie, but I recently began working my way through AWDwR. Previously doing tutorials and a couple small tutorials and another text Up and Running with Rails, I set up MySQL and used it via HeidiSQL, as MySQL, the suggested GUI in Curt HIbbs tutorials, was unavailable and I was able to at least make things work with it. However, there were always glitches and so in starting this book, I dumped everything and used Instant Rails to Install new versions of Ruby and MySQL.

What is happening now, as I try to start the Depot Application, is that I still am not sure what is menat by the mysqladmin commandline; simply type that into my console from that directory? tried this, and it gives me an error: ‘Access denied for user ‘create’@’localhost’ , '

using HeidiSQL, I created the DB depot_development and got the same error.

rake db:migrate works One of the reasons that I dumped everything before and started over was so that down the line, I can be sure I am using the same configurations that the text is, which has been an issue before, and though this might work as I progress, I think I’m missing something important.

Is there another place to get to mysqladmin? I want to follow along exactly like the text, I changed db.yml to the books example, removing some SQLite configuration. It seems to me that the ever-changing Ruby on Rails environment is working against me here, and though your book has done the best job at working through it all, I already see a crack in the process. Is there perhaps an exact version of Instant Rails? is 2.0 so different from 2.25?

Anyways, thanks for your time, whoever reads this, I’d appreciate some help.

03 Jan 2008, 20:12
Steve Jones (14 posts)

Hi Ron, using @depot>mysqladmin -u root create depot_development@ just bypasses the necessity of opening an sql GUI or even the command line mysql tool. You can use the mysql console by typing @depot>mysql -u root@ and when the console opens @CREATE DATABASE depot_development;@. Don’t forget to use the semicolon. Maybe HeidiSQL is the problem.

Also, you said you changed configuration.rb from having SQLite. Is that because you are running rails 2.0? Type @depot>rails -v@ if you don’t know the rails version.

Don’t get discouraged as RoR is not as mature as maybe what you’re used to but it is maturing fast and when the web world is a majority RoR, you’ll have gotten in close behind the bleeding edge.

As proof of acceptance of RoR, last summer University of North Florida offered Web Engineering with Ruby on Rails as a masters elective in the school of computing.

03 Jan 2008, 22:59
ron campbell (22 posts)

Steve, Thanks for the tip, it always seems to be something like that, I appreciate your time.

After 24 hours with it, I’m regretting taking on Instant Rails, it seems very buggy and very different than my previous setup. But, that’s the learning curve and I have no doubt that it is worth it.

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