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04 Jan 2008, 22:34
Larry E. Lutz (1 post)

I’m trying to work through Section 4.2 in your book, and I do get an error when I try to access the Web page, but it’s not the “Template is missing” error described in the book. Instead, I get a “Mysql::Error in SayController#hello” error message that says “#42000Unknown database ‘demo_development’.” I’m confused because I didn’t do anything that suggested that I wanted to connect to a database. Any suggestions? I can’t go on any further because, when I tried creating the hello.rhtml page that follows this section, I get the same message.

05 Jan 2008, 14:30
ron campbell (22 posts)

try going thru this tutorial on setting up your database -

tho it speaks specifically to people using this text about backdating your versions, that gem didn’t work. It definitely will help get your db’s connected right.

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