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17 Jan 2008, 06:13
Kumar K (1 post)

I am new to ruby on rails technology … can u help me from the beginning on this, with online help

17 Jan 2008, 14:07
Steve Jones (14 posts)

What exactly is the problem you need help with?

17 Jan 2008, 14:27
sathish (2 posts)

post your questions

18 Jan 2008, 09:42
Simon Krollpfeifer (7 posts)

Try to mess up first :) best way to get started.

Eric j. gruber_pragsmall
03 Apr 2008, 16:28
Eric J. Gruber (8 posts)

Kumar K, prepare to be frustrated.

I’m somewhat new to Rails as well, and here’s what I know.

All the books about Ruby on Rails are for versions before Rails 2. From what I can see, there were some pretty significantly changes in Rails, at least, significant enough to make the code from those books not work properly.

You’ll either have to a.) learn how to install the older version of Rails for the book your working on and freeze it so it doesn’t update, or b.) spend half your time scouring through forum posts to see how to update the code for the book you’re working through to Rails 2.

I hope that helps. I’m as frustrated as can be with Rails at the moment, so take my words with that grain of salt.

However, I’ll add that when it works, Rails is exhilarating to learn and make applications with. So, it’s worth the effort.

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