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21 Mar 2009, 02:36
Steven Kent (2 posts)

I don’t know what this means. Any help fixing appreciated.

I get message when trying to get to http://localhost:3000/say/hello

The http://localhost:3000 Welcome aboard page shows with no issue.

os: windows xp ruby version: 1.8.6 rails: 2.0.2 mysql: 5.1

I can provide more information, if needed; just let me know the question(s).

TIA, skent

09 Apr 2009, 04:42
drub (6 posts)

Hi Steven,

Don’t want to be overly negative, but after several iterations, could not get the Rails stack installed on XP. Perhaps there is just something wrong with my system. I dunno.

I was able to get Jruby installed and configured. That is the environment I am now using.

For details, take a look at my “blog”: Hope you find this helpful.

All the best!

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