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30 Dec 2009, 12:59
alb3rtop (2 posts)

Hello. Firstly, congratulations for this book. I have learned a lot of Rails with it.

But, I want to suggest an idea. I have read spanish version of this book and I didnt read everything, but I have looked the index and the pages and I havent look for a role users. You can public another version that explains it a little bit in depot application.

Well, my question is about a simply application of posts(like explain in in the first chapter).

I want an administrator user that can edit and delete all posts(right, this was implemented in the book).

But my question is about a simply user that only can EDIT and DELETE his post(and see every posts, of course)

I don’t know how can I do a relation of a post with an user(the user that creates it). I’m sure that it’s is a little bit easy.

Thanks a lot

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