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22 Aug 2008, 23:02
Martin Hawkins (5 posts)

I’m posting this here because I was following the instructions on p36 of the pdf. This could just as well go on the Rails Talk Group or on a Ubuntu list. I’m completely new to Linux, having suffered with Windows for too long. I’ve just installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron on my laptop and I was following the instructions on p36 (to the letter!). All seemed to be going well until I tried reinstalling to Rails v2.02 and updating gem to 1.20. Since then, I’m getting an error - /usr/bin/gem:23: uninitialized constant Gem::GemRunner (NameError) I’ve tried purging and reinstalling to no avail. Is this a problem in the book or have I messed up?

thanks Martin

22 Aug 2008, 23:42
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Apparently, there is an incompatibility between newer versions of @gems@ and older versions of @rails@. “This”: might help, as well as the “railscore”: discussion thread it references.

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