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25 Feb 2009, 18:08
Paul Wade (3 posts)

I’ve just finished this book, and at the risk of this post falling in to a black hole (first post in this topic), I have a practical question about adopting version control.

One of the things not touched upon in the book is what to do about the metadata in Eclipse workspaces and projects (or in other IDE’s for that matter). Should those be included or excluded from version control?

In thinking about this it seemed that including them could be problematic for the workspace since not every developer will have the same settings for their workspace. But for the project maybe it makes sense to include that data. To be honest, I don’t know exactly what gets stored in the .metadata folders at each level so I’m not sure if it’s necessary for the project or only necessary for working on the project in Eclipse.

I’m the only programmer at my site that would be using this but I’d like to “pretend” that I’m not to ensure I stick to practices that won’t make those that come after me cringe. After reading various Internet flotsam I’ve decided to use TortoiseSVN + command line rather than Subclipse, and I don’t know if that makes a difference in responding to my question.

At any rate, I’m curious about what practices others are following in this regard.

Thanks, Paul

18 Jun 2009, 07:56
Chris Born (1 post)

It is unfortunate that no one has responded to this. I started looking at this book, before I realized how out of date it may be. At the same time this post happens to be very timely for me and my group. We are just beginning to use Flex Builder based on Eclipse and this was a question I have also been concerned about.

01 Jul 2009, 17:37
Adam Sheehan (1 post)

I would only store the data that is needed to build the project. One way you might be able to test this is to check the project in without the metadata and then check it out on a separate machine (or at least a separate work directory) and try to build it. If it builds fine without the metadata, I wouldn’t include it in the repository.

As far as this book being out of date, I think it does a good job of covering the essentials you need to work with subversion or with source control tools in general. The main interface probably won’t change much over time so I think this book is still a great introduction to the material.

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