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07 May 2009, 20:06
Antoine Pérus (1 post)

SVN has changed a lot since 1.3 and there is new features. About merge, for example … Any chance for a new edition?

Thanks, Antoine

08 Jul 2009, 12:47
Cory McCarty (6 posts)

I would also be interested in an updated version of this book.

19 Jan 2010, 22:12
Gavin McKenzie (1 post)


I, and my colleagues, need a newer edition of this book.

06 Mar 2010, 00:56
Greg Willits (1 post)


GIT maybe the rage, but SVN still in wide use, an updated version of this book to give new team members is overdue – even if it is only in PDF form.

08 May 2011, 01:13
Ryan J Ollos (4 posts)


Though I’d suggest waiting for the release of Subversion 1.7 since it seems to be close.

12 Apr 2012, 10:26
Richard Rixham (1 post)

Any news on an updated version for 1.7 yet?

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