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15 Feb 2017, 15:11
Peter (2 posts)

Dear Mr. Ed Burnette, I am new in programing and followed your book from page 31 to 51, First, I typed the codes, it had many errors when run it, it could be typing errors,. Then I started over by copying all the codes in the files (downloaded) listed in your book, when run the app, it shows the following error : Error:The processing instruction target matching “[xX][mM][lL]” is not allowed

This error is related to the file AndroidStudioProject\TicTacToe\app\src\main\res\values\styles.xml.

I really appreciate if you can help me to resolve this issue. Thanks.


23 Feb 2017, 20:08
Peter (2 posts)

Can anyone help in this problem?

01 Apr 2017, 14:09
Ed Burnette (1341 posts)

The very first line of the file should be:

There can’t be any spaces or blank lines or comments in front. Here’s a good StackOverflow answer that addresses this:

If you still have trouble, try taking out the line. It’s actually optional in most cases.

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