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13 Dec 2012, 23:47
Ian Asaff (1 post)

i’m trying to deploy using capistrano and following the official capistrano documentation on the torquebox site. i’m using the puppet scripts provided in the book to provision a VM and install torquebox. running the cap commands complete successfully, but it seems the upstart_start puppet command isn’t actually starting torquebox. after running puppet apply on a fresh VM (ubuntu precise 12.04, torquebox 2.2.0), i run status torquebox and get “torquebox stop/waiting”.

trying to run torquebox manually (torquebox run) blows up due to permission errors in the JBOSS_HOME/standalone directory.

any ideas? i’ve spent more time than i care to admit trying to get this to work, but having little success.

19 Dec 2012, 17:45
Joe Kutner (86 posts)

Did you ask about this on the #torquebox IRC channel? The last time I used TorqueBox with Linode was pre-2.0, so I don’t know of anything off the top of my head. But I bet the Red Hat guys would.