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30 Nov 2011, 16:50
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

It’s hard to believe, but November’s over. Congratulations to all of you who participated this month, and big shout-out to those of you who wrote - and posted your status - every day. Bit by bit, day by day, your books have taken shape throughout this month. Wherever you take them or whatever you decide to do with them, you should be feeling pretty proud of what you’ve accomplished here.

For those of you who plan to submit your proposals to us - we’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to!

And, we’ll keep this forum open for a while longer for those of you who would like to continue writing and posting after today.

Best, Susannah

30 Nov 2011, 17:25
Torsten Becker (8 posts)

Last day, the number of days have nearly passed, today no progress yet. I will have to find some time this evening.

Overall progress for this month far exceeded my target (30.000plus words instead of 18.000), now it comes to serious editing.

Thanks for all the support,


30 Nov 2011, 18:43
Mathias Meyer (17 posts)

Added another 1600 words today, things are looking great for this chapter. Some good editing next week, and then I’m going to unleash the beta onto the world :)

Still contemplating a proposal, but with today’s beta announcement, there’s no point really.

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30 Nov 2011, 22:46
Paul Pladijs (24 posts)

I ended with 18200 words in total. I feel I only have written one third of the book. Of course I certainly will continue. This forum supported me to really write every day (which I did except for one single day), even if I wanted to do something else. For a proposal I feel it’s probably too early, though I might be wrong.

01 Dec 2011, 01:47
Michael Swaine (69 posts)

Congratulations to all.

01 Dec 2011, 02:00
Greg Cerveny (33 posts)

+863 words today.

What an awesome month. I look forward to putting this together.

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20 Feb 2012, 16:37
moondams (1 post)

Might have to break this out into an extra chapter.

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02 Jul 2014, 23:42
monica green (1 post)

haha, that’s great!

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