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01 Nov 2011, 04:58
David Lindelöf (14 posts)

I went to bed at 10pm yesterday in order to be able to wake up at 4am this morning and get started. After a cold shower and breakfast, I’ve now completed about one hour of writing, and 1250 words.

01 Nov 2011, 11:48
Michael Bedward (13 posts)

4am ? Jeepers David - that’s commitment. There’s no way I can match that but I’m keen to make amends for my dismal failure last year when I ran out of puff after the first few days.

After fretting over topics for a while I’ve decided to just start writing and see where it goes. I’m kicking off with some notes about the Jiffle image scripting language [1] since, as the developer and possibly the only user, I am supposed to know something about it.


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