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02 Nov 2011, 02:55
Michael Swaine (69 posts)

We’ve already seen in this forum several references to where people write: switching to the iPad and moving away from the desk, writing on the train while commuting.

My experience is that I can work in a lot of different places and circumstances, but that it’s important for me to change locations when I start to stall. I typically work in three different locations during the day: a kitchen counter in the early morning, my office desk in the forenoon, my home office in the afternoon and evening. (Home is across the driveway from office.) The context switch is very important to my writing. I don’t know why, exactly.

Anybody else have thoughts to share on where you write?

02 Nov 2011, 04:09
Michael Bedward (13 posts)

Ah - I just had one of those “how stupid of me not to think of that !” moments.

I usually write at my home desk, but when I’m struggling with something I find that the frustration and despair leak out of my head and onto the desk where they become lodged among piles of paper and assorted other detritus. From then on, every time I return to the desk I see them there, waving and grinning malevolently.

Today I’m going to try the local library which has comfy chairs, wi-fi, and (funnily enough) lots of books which should encourage a book-ish mind set.

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