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05 Nov 2011, 07:02
David Lindelöf (14 posts)

I “overslept” this morning and woke up only at 5am. Not enough time to write as much as the other days today before the family begins waking up and it’s time now for the Saturday activities. Current word count at 5177, though I begin to feel that some of my writing sounds more like ranting instead of technical writing. Anyone else begins to feel that way?

05 Nov 2011, 11:56
Julian Gamble (34 posts)

Today was a day to fill out some of the planned topics with demonstration code.

06 Nov 2011, 03:43
Greg Cerveny (33 posts)

Added another 550 words to the count today. I utilized the pomodoro technique to knock this out a little easier. I could see that coming in handy on a regular basis. However, I’m not convinced it would work for create sample code or experiments.

Do you create sample code/projects before you write a programming book? As you are writing it? Or in the end?

06 Nov 2011, 05:58
Edward Gibbs (15 posts)

514 words today, 2517 total. Digging deeper into code and details.

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06 Nov 2011, 10:11
Paul Pladijs (24 posts)

Today 630 words but contains code snippets which eat whitespace. Total: 4130.

06 Nov 2011, 14:44
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

@Greg - It’s helpful to at least sketch out your ideas for code projects before you start writing. Then, for each chapter, you can create the code projects needed for the chapter, then write around them, taking readers step by step through the code - not in one big code block, but as extracts that you introduce and then explain piece by piece.

Cheers, Susannah

06 Nov 2011, 16:02
Brian P. Hogan (178 posts)

On Saturday I wrote about 3000 words, but it wasn’t for my PragProWriMo book. :) While I’ve been writing every day, it’s not been on my book. But I’m making up for that today.

06 Nov 2011, 22:03
Greg Cerveny (33 posts)

Thanks @Susannah, definitely helpful.

07 Nov 2011, 09:26
Anthony Eden (3 posts)

566 words on day 5. As usual, this is a lot harder than it would first appear. ;-)

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