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10 Nov 2011, 10:54
Julian Gamble (34 posts)

A good day to churn out some prose - explanations of code planned out earlier in the week.

Internally starting to plan next week’s work and the shape that will take.

10 Nov 2011, 19:14
Mathias Meyer (17 posts)

Today was pretty much a bust. Threw out text though, which sometimes needs to be done. Was mostly concerned digging into a particular database’s code and with the shipping infrastructure for the book.

10 Nov 2011, 20:26
Greg Cerveny (33 posts)

Snuck out 521 pages. Thursday/Friday is our weekend according to my fiancé’s rotating work schedule, so I had to steal away time to work on this. Glad I did!

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10 Nov 2011, 22:26
Paul Pladijs (24 posts)

Today it was an excellent day for writing: 1100 words (including source code examples). I’m glad, the previous days were too hectic because many unexpected events occurred which ate most of my free time. Now I’ve a total of 7130 words.

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