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14 Nov 2011, 11:47
Julian Gamble (34 posts)

Another day spent writing code - last one. Will spend rest of days including Friday filling in narrative.

14 Nov 2011, 15:37
Mathias Meyer (17 posts)

Dedicating the next days (including today) to editing and rewriting, where necessary, and to fill in the gaps that are missing in the current chapters. Lesson learned from sending rough drafts to reviewers: really finish a chapter before moving on to the next, including proof-reading and some editing. Hard to put a word count on this right now.

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14 Nov 2011, 22:40
Paul Pladijs (24 posts)

Today was better than yesterday. So far 9893 words in total, including added code examples. I’m looking forward to the 10,000 milestone.

In the mean time I wrote lots of ideas and topics for other chapters. More and more pieces are falling nicely together.

15 Nov 2011, 04:46
Greg Cerveny (33 posts)

It’s late in the evening, but I added 1,005 words. The work isn’t great, it might not even be usable, but I wanted to make sure I wrote something today, so I did.

15 Nov 2011, 09:42
Reinout van Rees (4 posts)

Reworked my initial paragraphs. Necessary as they didn’t match the rest of the chapter anymore.

15 Nov 2011, 17:02
Brian P. Hogan (178 posts)

Been on the road and speaking at conferences and stuff, and while I’ve not checked in to the forums, I have written 58 pages in November. Should be 60 by November 15th. Unfortunately I am running out of stuff to say, so this book might not be as long as I had hoped.

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