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16 Nov 2011, 12:21
Julian Gamble (34 posts)

Today was a day to fill out some of the ideas coded earlier as a useful explanation.

16 Nov 2011, 16:10
Mathias Meyer (17 posts)

Editing and proof-reading existing content (almost at 47000 words in total), and rewriting/updating some things I wrote some 9 months ago. Fun, fun, fun, fun!

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16 Nov 2011, 22:46
Paul Pladijs (24 posts)

A bit less day in writing, merely one page and a half. Though I’ve been reading a lot for my subject.

17 Nov 2011, 01:33
Greg Cerveny (33 posts)

Wrote 569 words towards a few sections I’ve yet to place. I documented method definitions and added a section for debugging tips. The method definitions may go inline with the sections where the code is introduced, or it may live with the debugging tips in the appendix.

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