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21 Nov 2011, 10:49
Julian Gamble (34 posts)

It was a good day to flesh out the first part of the series of steps I planned out over the weekend. Had a good flow and churned out the narrative was happy with, at the right level of detail.

21 Nov 2011, 20:40
Mathias Meyer (17 posts)

Today’s output was around 4500 words, went way beyond what I wanted to get done. Productive day, to say the least. Code for tomorrow’s session is already prepared, so it’s going to be narrative all the way down.

22 Nov 2011, 01:38
Greg Cerveny (33 posts)

Another 518 today. Also worked on renaming some chapters.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to publish this book. I would want the information freely available on my website, but also have it available as a digital download. It would also make me happy to add a professional cover, thoughtful typesetting, and editing.

Anyone know of good resources for these types of self-publishing services?

I know I can get a decent cover made at 99designs, but not sure where to even begin to find a typesetter, if that’s even what it’s called. I have similar concerns with finding an editor.

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