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31 Mar 2012, 22:43
Bill Gathen (28 posts)

When I do @tmux new -s panes -n shell@ or @Prefix : new-window -n shell@

the “-n shell” (or whatever name I choose) has no effect. Doesn’t complain, but the window gets the default tilde name.

Once I’ve created it, I can use @Prefix ,@ to name it whatever I like but finding it odd that the argument is being ignored.

I tried @new-window -N@ instead, and the error message (which flashes for about a second, then disappears) shows @-n@ being the correct syntax as well! Confusing.

I’m on a Macbook (10.7.3) running ZSH, Terminal and tmux 1.6 installed via Homebrew.

Thanks! Bill

[UPDATE] Oddly, both commands work correctly in the “top” examples later on: @tmux new -s panes -n shell “top”@, etc work fine.

03 Apr 2012, 13:26
Brian P. Hogan (159 posts)

That’s a little strange - mine works just fine on a 10.6.8 and 10.7.3 machine. All I can say is there’s something with your configuration. I’m not using zsh - perhaps since you’re not executing a default command in that window, something that zsh is doing is renaming the window. There’s an option in tmux.conf for turning off the “smart” renaming for windows that you could try.

03 Apr 2012, 17:35
Bill Gathen (28 posts)

I’m using oh-my-zsh, so it’s possible it’s doing some shenanigans under the hood I’m not aware of. For instance, it shows my machine as Bill@unknown08ef27a2 in the terminal title and in the tmux status bar.

When I fire up /bin/bash, the machine name straightens itself out, but @-n@ doesn’t start working. Odd. Even odder, the machine name stays correct even after I get out of bash, so that’s nice. :-)

Not a deal-breaker, just thought if there was a tweak I could do, I would mention it.

Thoroughly enjoying the book: thanks for writing it.

25 May 2012, 16:15
John Bateman (2 posts)

-n doesn’t work in iTerm2, well it does work, the window is named but it wont be displayed with the name you picked set it to.

Even using -, and manually naming it will appear only until you execute your next command.

All that being said, scripting between windows using break-pane and such to call a window by name will still work.

30 May 2012, 02:48
Brian P. Hogan (159 posts)

@John Bateman:

You may want to check your configuration. On my machine with tmux installed from Homebrew and iTerm2, the -n flag works fine.

18 Oct 2012, 09:09
Tim Littlemore (2 posts)

I’m seeing this too and also find that the name of a window changes back to ~ after running commands. I have to keep hitting @Prefix ,@ to rename the windows.

I’m using oh-my-zsh and RVM, so suspect either one of these could be at fault. Does anyone have any ideas where I should start looking?

22 Oct 2012, 14:11
Tim Littlemore (2 posts)

I found out about the auto-rename setting and disabled it with this in my ~/.tmux.conf file:

@setw -g automatic-rename off@

But I’m still getting the windows renamed whenever I run any command.

09 Apr 2014, 18:34
Joshua Steele (2 posts)

I know this post is pretty old, but I ran into this same problem. -n had no effect on naming a window. I am using tmux installed with Homebrew, iTerm2 and oh-my-zsh. I did some searching and found this post on GitHub:

Basically, you just set export DISABLE_AUTO_TITLE="true" in your .zshrc. So far, that seems to have fixed the issue for me.