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02 Jun 2012, 06:22
Michal Zuber (1 post)

Hi, I’m just curious how to go to the beginnig of the line in bash with other shortcut as ctrl+a which I have as prefix for tmux? Thanks for the ideas.

UPDATE: Now that I read the book, with “bind C-a send-prefix” in .tmux.conf, pressing twice Ctrl-a sends Ctrl-a :)

19 Jun 2012, 23:18
Fabio Spelta (3 posts)

Indeed. But I’d rather choose a different prefix as soon as possible if I were you. I choose CTRL-V at the beginning and now that I changed it to Alt-e i find it quite hard to get used to the new configuration after using CTRL-v for a trillion times. BTW Alt-e rocks.


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