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19 Jun 2012, 23:24
Fabio Spelta (3 posts)


thanks for the book. It is the computing book I enjoyed the most so far. If the other books in this Pragmatic series are as good as this I’ll get others for sure.

Now, to the question.

I find quite tedious, to copy some text to be pasted in a X window (99.9% of the times in a web browser, of course) to do this: prefix Escape # to enter (vi) copy mode move to the place I want v # to enter selection y # to copy text AND AGAIN prefix Ctrl-C to make that text available to X. Jeez.

I tought that it would be VERY cool to map “y” in copy mode so that not only it copies the selection, but ALSO it sends it to xclip.

Unfortunately it looks like I can’t bind multiple commands to bind-key -t vi-copy.

Is there any other hack that comes to your enlightened minds? So far I am falling back to the mouse being, in the end, more practical than all of the above.

Thanks so much!

19 Jun 2012, 23:35
Fabio Spelta (3 posts)

OK, it is a tmux bug.

Hope it gets fixed soon. Cheers.